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Orion Driving teaches teens exclusively the skills they need to drive carefully, thoughtfully and skillfully. Our Teen Driving School in Glenview uses Certified Driver Education Teachers to instruct them in a manner they understand and respond to positively.

All Glenview Classes are meeting at Our Northbrook Location (click here)

Classes meet three times a week and give all students a total of 30 hours of classroom instruction as required by Illinois state law. Depending on which of three driving programs the students choose, in addition to classroom instruction, they have an added six hours of driving and six hours of observation; or eight hours of private driving; or 10 hours of private driving.

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Our Driving School in Glenview takes a very customer centric approach and promises to deliver the highest standard of quality at the lowest prices in the area. Our classroom sessions include everything a student needs to know to pass the Illinois State Permit Test and road test, as well as useful information they can use for the rest of their life.

With over 11 years of experience, we are safest and Most Affordable Driving School in Glenview.

We pride ourselves on providing the best education for the best value.
A good driver education is all about value, but it doesn’t need to cost a ridiculous amount like some propose

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Driving Schoool near Glenview

Driving course.

By taking a comprehensive driving course, which includes teaching traffic and safety rules, a teen becomes a more confident driver. Although it is not realistic to expect a new driver not to be a little nervous, Teen Drivers Ed helps teens to be less apprehensive about taking the wheel.

Teens as young as 15 can take the driving course in our driving school in Glenview. To enroll, they must show a high school report card with passing grades in eight subjects in two semesters or a slip from the high school giving them permission to take the course.

Depending on where the student lives, pickups and drop-offs by our Teen Driving School may be available in Glenview Area. After completing the classroom part of the course, the teen can take the test to get a learner’s permit.

With the learner’s permit, teens are ready to get behind the wheel and learn about right of way, making turns, reversing and backing up, merging in traffic and changing lanes and expressway and highway driving, among other practices.

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